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Your search for an unbiased and honest home inspector in Baker ends here. We are Coastal Professional Services. Licensed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, we adhere to the highest quality standards dictated by our Code of Conduct.

Get your property inspected by the most trusted home inspector in Baker. Besides upholding the highest standards of customer service, we also make use of cutting edge inspection technology. This way, we aren’t just able to conduct in-depth inspections, we are also able to deliver inspection reports within the span of just 24 hours.

That’s right, after the inspector leaves your property once he has completed the inspection, you get a fully detailed report sent to you, within a day. Don’t let the short window of time let you think that this would be some half baked report.

Coastal Professional Services will provide you with a PDF format report containing all the details of your home inspection, presented in an easy to understand language.

Best Home Inspector Baker

Our quick service isn’t the only thing that makes us the best company for home inspections in Baker. Our team members have worked hard for years to maintain our spotless track record.

Besides regularly attending training and staying updated with new building codes and regulations, our team is also equipped with the latest technology to conduct inspections.

Unlike a few years ago, home inspections by Coastal Professional Services are conducted using tools like thermal sensors, humidity sensors, air quality inspection equipment, and many other such tools.

Using these tools, our inspectors are able to uncover the problems that are hidden in the deepest depths of your home. We’re talking about the ability to predict electrical appliances and wiring failure, to detect water damage flourishing behind the walls, to find hidden signs of damage in the foundation, among many other benefits.

New Home Inspection Baker

It is a common misconception that new homes don’t have issues. However, the truth is that even newly constructed homes can have problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Such problems may occur due to poor use of materials, or the use of poor materials, along with problems in workmanship.

Whatever the reason behind these issues may be, they need to come to your attention. Not just so that you can make an informed purchase decision, but to ensure you and your family’s safety during your stay in the property.

This is why new property home inspections are important.

Pre Purchase Home Inspection Baker

Purchasing a home is a big decision that is usually associated with happiness, and rightfully so. After all, few feelings compare to the proud feeling of being a homeowner.

However, this feeling can be fleeting if you end up inheriting the problems of a property along with the property itself. In such a scenario, you may be left with the bills of repairing a property that you just purchased.

Home inspections help property buyers avoid such situations. That is why, they may not be required by the law, but they are recommended even by Government authorities.

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